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  • Adıyaman GoTürkiye

    Adıyaman Nemrut Mountain, with the ancient god statues whispering in your ear to surprise you, is amazing at sunrise and sunset.

    Mount Nemrut became the worldwide centre of attention due to its magnificent statues of deities and kings in Adıyaman. It is the gift of the Commagene Civilazation to humanity, and spirits up its guests every year.  Mount Nemrut (Nemrut Dağı) and its surroundings were declared a National Park in 1988. Its summit full of magnificent tombs was inscribed on the UNESCO “World Heritage List”, and is one of the 18 Must-See places on Anatolian soils.

    The father of the gods Zeus, Apollo, Heracles, and the goddess Commagene, who represents fertility and luck, and King Antiochus with all his audacity... They stand there in all their glory for thousands of years, protected by the eagle, the messenger of the deities, and the lion, the symbol of power.