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    Gölbaşı Lake

    The Gölbaşı Lake (Gölbaşı Gölü), which gives its name to the Gölbaşı district, is located in the centre of the district. It is registered as a Natural Protected Area and Nature Park. The lake and reeds, where 54 bird species can be observed, are literally a bird paradise. There are walking paths, bird watchtowers, recreational areas and sightseeing trails around the Gölbaşı lake for the visitors.

    Karadağ Ormanı (Karadağ Forest)

    If you have enough time or if you have eaten a lot, you can get off the usual path in order to smell the scent of the forest, go to the Karadağ Forest (Karadağ Ormanı) and from there to Seyir Hill (Seyir Tepesi) to enjoy the unique view of Adıyaman and the Atatürk Reservoir while sipping your tea.

    Yüzen Adalar (Floating Islands)

    The natural wonder “Floating Islands”, located on the Abdulharap Lake in the north of Adıyaman’s Çelikhan District are waiting for their visitors in a tranquil world. There are hundreds of Islands, each the size of a few football fields, that float in the direction of the win. The reeds provide sanctuary to dozens of bird species.

    Adıyaman Tulip

    It is an endemic plant that blossoms with the arrival of the spring months. It grows on the Ankar Mountains (Ankar Dağları), located in the northern part of the province. This tulip, which blooms in various colours, can also be seen on Mount Nemrut (Nemrut Dağı).