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    Çiğ köfte, which is common in our southern provinces, is a unique nutrition in every step of its preparation until its serving. Therefore, it has gone beyond the purpose of nutrition and has become a means of gathering, entertainment and conversation with traditional chat meetings. Especially in recent years, it is possible to enjoy these rissoles, which are originally prepared with raw meat, without meat due to health-safety reasons. They are offered with many different ingredients in this province.

    Peynirli Helva (Halwa with Cheese)

    In the past, it was a type of dessert sweetened with cheese and molasses after rice was pounded to flower in stone mortars (dibek). However, today it is prepared with semolina instead of rice, and sugar instead of molasses. This dessert, which is unique to Adıyaman, also has varieties, like with pistachio, plain, or with almond.


    Hıtap is a kind of pita, which is only made in Adıyaman. The pita, layered with roasted meat, onions, parsley and pepper flakes, is baked in a stone oven. It leaves an excellent flavour in the mouth.


    It is a dish baked in the oven, especially during hot summer time, when tomatoes are fresh and abundant. The flavour of this dish, prepared in a copper pan with tomatoes, peppers, eggplants and meat, is fascinating. This dish is called Adıyaman Tava in Adıyaman and Besni Tava in the Besni region.

    Baklava with Olive Oil

    It is a perfect taste for those who find the taste and smell of butter strong. This kind of Baklava is available in every Baklava Bakery. This Baklava with olive oil, filled with pistachio, is famous for being a light baklava.

    Şilke Dessert

    It is one of the traditional desserts. It is a local dessert made with molasses produced from grapes from the famous vineyards of Adıyaman. This dessert, which is unique to the region, has also a version made with sugar for those who find the flavour of molasses too strong.

    Lamb Meat

    This meat from lambs and ram, raised and fed naturally in the Şambayat countryside of the Besni District of Adıyaman, is a perfect kind of meat.  All of the restaurants in the Şambayat countryside are famous for this meat.

    Meyir Soup

    This type of soup, called “Balcane Dev” in the Kahta district of Adıyaman province, is actually the Kahta variant of the famous Meyir soup. It is a hot summer day soup, prepared with buttermilk, bulgur, eggplant and pepper, and consumed as a could soup.